My nightmare ombre hair


End of July I came to this hair salon where my mom usually gets her roots touch-up and i asked my hair stylist if he knows how to ombre. He said he had done it before, so I show him some images on how i wanted to be done. 

Long story short, he bleached my hair for couple of hours straight till closing time. He told me that it's not done yet and i'd have to come back another time to finish it. I came back the next day because it looks like dip dyed. (Please go to the link down below if you wanna check out the images of my hair process)

Images that i show

I went back the next day and told him that if he doesn't know how to do ombre please dye it back to dark brown or black. He said to me, " Don't worry, it is very easy, I can do it. Ive done it before. I will bleach it up a little bit more." So I said alright.. since i trusted him and i couldn't leave the hair salon looking like how i looked. 

He started to blow dry my hair and i asked "omg. are you done? is this the final of it?" He asked "Why? It looks very nice" I said " If so can you please just dye my hair back to dark brown i don't want ombre anymore, I don't like it." He asked me if i could walk out of the hair salon with this hair. I said "NO, Please dye it to dark brown please." He said alright i know what to do, but my manger said we have to charge you another $40. I quickly said yes without thinking, because i was very upset with the result.

Thought he was gonna dye my hair back to one solid color, but NO! He toned my hair down only! Honestly I wanted to cry leaving. 6-8 inches of my hair was really damaged. It was falling and burned. 

Think i've paid about $200-250 in total to damage my hair. I would NEVER EVER come back again, my sisters and mom never came back after what happened to me.

I had to cut about 8 inches off my hair this summer because of this hair stylist. I went to two other hair salons to fix the damages. This hair stylist clearly doesn't know how to do ombre. Just don't lie next time. Never mind, won't be a next time.

Just incase if you wonder if i tipped the hair stylist. Yes i did. Both times.

The next day, i went to another hair salon. I asked them to dye my hair back to dark brown and cover the bleach as much as possible. They said, my hair is too damaged to be able to dye it the way what i wanted. 

The place that fucked up my hair is 

Sub-Image Beauty Salon
40-20 Main St
2nd Floor
Flushing, NY 11354

Never fucking again.


sugarbumpkin said...

Wow. Not gonna lie Cydia--that's pretty freaking bad. Most salons have a guarantee--if you're not happy with the work, go back within 2 weeks and get it fixed, free of charge. Ask somebody else in the salon to do your hair though. You should've never walked out of the salon with that hair.

Tram said...

I can't believe they made you pay babe! It blows my mind to even hear that they made you pay EXTRA! Freaking. You should've spoke to the boss! Go back for a complaint or something or ask for their store policy to see what you can do! :(

But as for right now, perhaps you can hide it with up-do's ? :( Hope you get everything resolved soon x

dblchin (double chin) said...

omg your stylist is terrible! but I'm sure one way or another u r able to cover it up if you tone it down.

angelamhiere said...

You should complain to the owner! Darn hairdresser, trying to know-it-all! Tsk! =(

Crimsonyblack said...

I've had bad experiences with hair salons, but this takes the cake. >.< If they messed up, you shouldn't be the one to pay..

나니 said...

Wow, had that been me I would've sued that guy BIG TIME. If he can't do it like the photos, he should've told you so! I HATE WHEN STYLISTS DO THAT. ARGHH! I brought specific and CLEAR photos of what I wanted when I got my hair cut short. I told her "If you can't do this, PLEASE let me know. I want it EXACTLY like this and if you can't do it, please tell me so I won't be upset with the results" and she replied that OH NO it was no problem at all she knew exactly what I wanted bla bla bla. FUCKER made my hair SO UGLY. I still cringe when I see photos of it from back then.. >_> Ew, I had to wait for it to grow half an inch and then I cut it myself.. If hair dressers can't follow a SIMPLE photo - they should find another job. >_> seriously..

funkymacgirl said...

so glad you dyed it all dark again,
honestly im not a big fan on Ombre, now when your color washes out your ends are gonna look faded 8(

Stephanie Cai said...

I can't believe he made you pay to get it fixed!! It's like he just made one giant highlight to your ends. I'm pretty sad that he messed it up for you cause I think the ombre look would have been awesome on you.

What a mess!

Stephanie Cai said...

Oh and having gone to Chinese salons in NYC for many years (I can see the writing in your pictures lol), they NEVER listen to you. They go "yes yes yes yes" and take your money and screw up your hair. I asked a stylist once to make my hair strawberry blonde, she just made it redder.

Just try and do some research on some salons in Manhattan and tell them your story hopefully they can mend your hair!

sugarBear said...

That is terrible, you should try and get your money back. I definitely would have NOT paid for it on the spot. And make sure you write a bad review about the salon and hairdresser on Yelp.com, before going to any salon, I usually look up reviews on Yelp before going there, make sure they are worth a try before taking the plunge!

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

Thanks for everyone's comment. I guess i can't really do anything now but to either do shit loads of hair treatment or cut it all out :(

jen said...

Just cut it off its damaged neways

jen said...

Just cut it off its damaged neways

jen said...

Just cut it off its damaged neways

jen said...

Just cut it off its damaged neways

Jojo L. said...

I had the same thing happen to me… i wanted ombre and he gave me something else. the second time they did it- they did it correctly and it looked pretty good… except that the fact that the bleach burned off 6 inches of my hair and i sat there crying. they gave me a whole year of anything i want at the salon for free… so im pretty happy. the salon i goto has great customer service and if you wanna see the before/after of my ombre just msg me!

MizzDestinee said...

I can't believe they did that to you!!! poor Cydia!!!! I went to get my hair highlights and light base as I always did whenever I do decide to be blonde again. So I kept telling the lady and even showed her a photo of my old photo with my highlights and base color as she usually did whenever I went she kept saying "okay yeah" blah blah blah she didn't really understand me because she spoke mandarin and fj only to find out when she was washing my hair from the owner I asked him is she going to dye my base? hes like you didn't tell me anything. I was going ballistic like what do you mean?? I kept telling her and she kept saying yes! I wasnt going to leave the salon with black roots and highlights! It was like the same thing like you. I was willing to pay the extra for them to dry my hair again and damage my hair to highlight once again and base coat. I couldn't even get mad at the lady dying my hair because she felt really bad! Thankfully you got your hair fixed! poor hair! don't worry it will grow fast! <3

Marta said...

Oh honey I'm sorry for this.
I'm married to a hairdresser and I showed him your hair, he said you can not dye your hair so often and so quickly, it takes 15 days to touch up roots and at least one month to paint it again. But he thinks the solution is you can just cut the ends of the hair and apply 2 times a week in vitamin A mixed with a teaspoon of dexpanthenol, leave for 15 minutes only on the damaged hair part, wash with shampoo and rinse with leave in one go, do not use heat let it dry naturally. Repeat until you realize that the hair is recovered.
I hope this can helps. Dye your hair blonde or bleach them always damage the hair. Kisses from Brazil

Becky said...

I am so sorry you had to go through this. If this had been me I would've completely flipped the fuck out. I can't even believe they had the audacity to tell you to make sure you know what you like on top of it!!! I would've left without paying a dime.

Mia Lia said...

omg...that looks horrible!don't ever go to that saloon again!poor you..i would cried hard if my hair were dyed like that..

Noemi Flores said...

The same thing happened to me today.:(....

Hester Reid said...

I moved to the Boston area a couple of months ago and I have fixed multiple Ombres. I'm so sorry this happened to you! If you were closer I could have fixed it for about $60-$70. www.facebook.com/locksofenvy questions or comments - happy to help even if you're across the world.

Hester Reid said...

I moved to the Boston area a couple of months ago and I have fixed multiple Ombres. I'm so sorry this happened to you! If you were closer I could have fixed it for about $60-$70. www.facebook.com/locksofenvy questions or comments - happy to help even if you're across the world.

Claudia Sabadac said...

OMG!!! I am sooooo sorry for you.I've made my hair ombre 2 months ago by myself and I am pleased with the result. It goes gradually from brown to blonde without having that line. I don't know why some solons hire this kind of unskilled hair dressers.I want to dye my hair over the ombre too because I got bored of it but I am afraid that i will have to different color tones in my hair...

Ren Getsu said...

What I do is I download a rating app on my mobile that directs me to the most honest reviews that includes photos of customers hair results too. I like "yelp" which gave me an idea of the site before going. I only let the same guy do my hair I've been in beauty school with. He's amazing! Just research and talk to a stylist. If they ARN'T right...walk away and never go back. Good luck! =D

6ff6b2b0-90df-11e2-9d9e-000bcdcb2996 said...

yeah I went to a salon in main street flushing 2 years ago and asked for caramel tone with lighter highlights and i had naturally gorgeous long black silky hair and i walked out of the salon with short horribly choppy hair and they cut my bangs horrificly short when I didn't ask them to. Oh and the color was disgusting it was a two tone of blonde on the top and red on the bottom! i wanted to cry and have been scarred! never again! go to a high end salon when doing something drastic because main street just screws up hair and they care less. so unprofessional. its taken me 2 years to grow it out and endless dyes of black to get it back to what it was and its still dry and my ends keep breaking off!!! ugh

Brianna said...

I just had this same thing happen to me in LA, I'm desperately trying to find a way to have it fixed. I don't trust the salon I went to (if you can ever call it that). I've been considering dying it all one dark color and cutting off a good portion of the bleached parts.

peggpegg said...

I had a bad experience with ombre at Hair Club IB on Northern. I asked the hairdresser for ombre and gave me something like yours. I thought it was going to be cheaper than going out to the city. But he completely fucked it up and I had to look for another place to get it fixed. It brought me to Fox & Jane in the LES. They specialize in this technique and I felt it was pretty inexpensive. Ths place is def the place to go. You can go on yelp and look at all the pictures. They are gooooooood.

Whitney said...

How do you fix ombré because mine needs it bad. Just thinking about dying it all brown

Lina Hong said...

Girl, I actually live near Main street Flushing and I go to those Asian salons too. They charge cheap but they don't really know how to do the "Americanized" hair styles. They messed up my hair pretty bad a couple times too. Do you speak Chinese? If you really need help you can hit me up and add me, since we probably live really close haha. :) FB: facebook.com/linalahv

jenny Li said...

Hi, Do you know the name of the guy who did your hair?

jenny Li said...

Do you know the name of the guy who did your hair?

Hester Reid said...

Contact me on my fb and I will help you www.facebook. com/locksofenvy

Hester Reid said...

Contact me on my fb and I will help you www.facebook. com/locksofenvy

ChelClay said...

Aw if only u lived in Cali I could have fixed it for u

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